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BECOME A POW!er SEARCHER: Search 5 - Difficult +

Sample research topics

1. The Internet should run like a public service.

2. Male twins are more likely to be rivals than female twins.

3. The book store culture has changed in the age of the Internet.

4. The English language will lose its hegemony in international business if the US economy stagnates for the next 10 years.

5. How does a worker's intrinsic motivation affect a company's productivity?

6. How is Hannah Arendt's theory of the banality of evil applicable to the Western world since the September 11 attacks?

7. In today's economy, it is not financially viable for a country to host the Olympic Games?

(some examples taken from an ASP's AP Language & Composition class from Mr. John Kim)

Challenging 2 - YouTube


Use Google and the first part of the video above to help you answer the questions.

1. In what part of the world was the video shot? Hint: Pay attention to the first 30 seconds of the video.

2. What is that style of dance called?

3. Find a bit of historical background on that type of dance.  E.g., When and where did it start?


DIFFICULT (often more than one answer exists, requires deeper searching and a better understanding of topic)

1. What do we know about the efficiency of opinion polls at predicting election results?

2. What does the latest evidence say about the dangers of GM food?

3. What do recent studies say about the effects of playing violent video games?

Challenging 1

CHALLENGING (2 killer searches)

1. You once heard that the Dave Matthews Band owns a studio in Virginia but you don't know the name of it. The studio is located outside of Charlottesville and it's in the mountains. What is the name of the studio?

2. Which US president named his child after the child's grandfather's college buddy?

Challenging 3


I am looking for the origin of a poem. My colleague in English and I have been looking everywhere (we think) and have not found the answer.

Question: When did Edwin Muir publish the poem 'Horses'?

Note: 'Horses' is recalling memories of the country-side, with horses ploughing the field.

First lines:

Those lumbering horses in the steady plough, 
On the bare field I wonder why, just now,


He also wrote a more well-known poem called 'The Horses' about a society falling apart, possibly recovering from a disaster, starting like this:

Barely a twelvemonth after
The seven days war that put the world to sleep,
Late in the evening the strange horses came.

The latter is NOT what I'm looking for.