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BECOME A POW!er SEARCHER: Search 10 - Web evaluation

Martin Luther King Jr.

1. Whole class

    With a partner compare and evaluate sites A and B:

         A) Type [] in the Google search bar. What happens? Why do you think?

               Do a Google search for Martin Luther King – A True Historical Examination 
               Go to the Internet Archive website and search for in the search bar.

               Select July 24, 2012, for example. Analyse the site

         B) The King Center 

Immigration - Authority and Objectivity

2. Compare and evaluate the 2 sites below on their authority and objectivity.

     . Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) 

     . National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR)  


3. Compare and evaluate the coverage of the following sites.

    (what does up to date information mean for these sites, what is the breath of the

    information provided, etc.)

     . Autobytel 

     . CNN 


4. Compare and evaluate the objectivity of these sites. Is the information presented fairly and

    Who is the organization behind the site? What do they do?

    . Human Cloning Foundation 

    . Earthsave

Abortion - Objectivity

5. Discuss the criteria of objectivity related to these sites on abortion.

    . Abortion Pros and Cons

    . National Abortion Federation

    . Abortion Facts 
    . NHS Choices


Tobacco - Authority

6. How can you verify the authority of these web sites?

    . Legacy Tobacco Documents Library
    . Oncolink