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BECOME A POW!er SEARCHER: Search 7 - Research Example


I remember watching a film based on a real psychology experiment that was conducted in a prison setting in the 60's or 70's by a team of researchers. They wanted to find out how personality led to conformity to the roles of guards or prisoners. I want to find reliable information about the real experiment.

Keywords are chosen from what I know about the topic: psychology  experiment  university  prison  prisoners  guards conformity.

I decide on a 1st query: [psychology experiments prisoners guards]

After a quick look at the results I find out the name of the researcher, Zimbardo, and the university he was associated with, Stanford. I then change my query to: [zimbardo stanford prison experiment]. I continue my search using different keyword combinations. 

Now, your turn.

Search each of the queries below. Compare and analyze your results. 

1. [psychology experiments prisoners guards]
2. [zimbardo prison experiment]
3. ["zimbardo's experiment"]
4. Try your own query

What type of results do you get? Look at the titles, the url, read the blurb, etc.
What's your first impression? Look for images, videos, news...

Cut and paste in the address bar the links below and decide which one(s) would be best for a research project. What type of source is it? In what circumstance would you use the site? Why?

. Find the well-known experiment that preceded Zimbardo's study. 
. What is the Lucifer Effect?