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BECOME A POW!er SEARCHER: Search 4 - Medium difficulty



1. What forms of safe tattoo removal may you consider?

2. Find a summary of Canadian legislation on cigarette advertising.

3. Find out if a child of appropriate age should get the measles/mumps/rubella vaccine.
    (Taken from Sheila Webber in Teaching Web Searching Skills by Gregg R. Notess)

4. I'm interested in the music played during the American Civil War.

5. Why do some African cultures force young girls into eating excessively?

6. To what extent did Edward Murrow’s TV program “See It Now” contribute to the demise of Senator Joseph McCarthy?

7. Name a reliable source that provides access to information on the assassination of JFK.

8. What do we know about what Joan of Arc looked like?

9. In the Northern Hemisphere does the water in a sink drain in a different way than in the Southern Hemisphere? What is that spinning effect called?