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BECOME A POW!er SEARCHER: Search 2 - Google Filters and Tools

Filters and Features


1. What time is it in Singapore? (FORCED)

2. What is the unemployment (rate) in Michigan? (FORCED)

3. How do you re-rush a chair? (VISUAL TOOL)

4. What is the role that maple syrup played in the lives of the Chippewa people? (IMAGE, COLOR)

5. I’m looking for a good color picture of baseball players in action. (COLOR)

6. What’s that song they always play at games, you know? Who wrote the original?

7. Find animated visuals on earthquakes. (swf FILETYPE search)

8. Find examples of California earthquakes with a magnitude of at least 6.0. (NUMBER RANGE)

9. Can I find iPads in the range of 150 to 200 euros? (NUMBER RANGE)

10. What’s that book on Napoleon, you know, the green one with an eagle on the cover? (IMAGE/COLOR)

11. What's the population of London, England? (FORCED)


Aurelius Ambrosius

Is there moss on all sides of the rocks where Aurelius Ambrosius is said to be buried?

1. Google: Who was Aurelianus Ambrosius?

2. Google: Where was he buried?

3. Google Maps Street View or Google Earth: Is there moss on all sides of the rocks?