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The Assignment
1. Choose an issue you think affects your generation (see list below). Make sure your topic is narrow enough and focus on a small aspect of the issue. Do some research to find recent information and statistics.

NOTE: Be careful that you don't try finding causal relationships where there are not (or not proven). E.g., Violent video games lead to violent behavior. 

2. You also need to find a short video that shows an example of the issue, of someone affected by it. 

Tell us a story:
​1. Present a three-minute Google Presentation to explain the issue-problem, the context and possible solutions.

2. Show a short video that is between 30 sec and 90 sec. The video should not explain the issue, but rather show an example of it through the lens of someone impacted by the issue (personal; micro level). The goal is to create awareness, encourage change, and show possible solutions. Examples.

The Goals:
1. To focus on global citizenship (The "G" in GAPS) and expand your awareness of issues. 

2. To continue developing your research and presentation skills.

3. To work collaboratively.


The Survey
Please take a few minutes to answer this anonymous survey. Link will be active between Dec. 16 and 19. CLICK HERE.

Selected Resources

Link to examples

Examples of student-made videos
(Some do not have a soundtrack.) 


​Session 1
. Intro, meet your team mates, overview of the topics, create a working Google Doc. choose a topic.

Session 2
. Research and confirm final topic. Start with Global Issues in Context to get background information.

Session 3
. Complete your research and create your Google Presentation.

Session 4
. Complete your presentation and find a video that supports your claim.

Session 5
. Finalise project and practice in front of your mentors. The last slide must show your references fully formatted using MLA, Chicago or APA.

Session 6
. Present and awe us :-)

  • Note that you're required to use a proper citation format to show your references, such as MLA 8 and Chicago.

Global Issues

Setting - Problem - What Could Be - Solution/Idea - Reward - How Can You help? - References



From the global (macro) to the personal (micro)



Ecology and Environment
1. It seems that many countries don't make a serious effort toward making our planet a better and cleaner place to live in. 


For example, after many warnings and threats,Trump announced on 4 November 2019 the beginning of the withdrawal of the United States from the 2015 Paris Accord (COP 21). Explore the issues and consequences at play.

2. The Amazon rainforest fires did not only creating an environment disaster but also a political scandal between Bolsonaro and the European community, mostly President Macron. Is everything done to fight the problem efficiently and correctly? Who owns the Amazon, who has the responsibility to manage and care for it? 


However, the fires may not be the biggest problem in the Azazon but deforestation. Explore.

3. Are we running toward a climate catastrophe? Is it a matter of perception or are there more powerful natural disasters than before?

4. The young Swedish Greta Thunberg is traveling the world to raise awareness about global warming. How powerful are youth advocates in fighting global issues in general, and environmental issues in particular?

5. A recent study reveals that too much media visibility is given to climate sceptics (or contrarians), which could endanger our understanding or major issues. Explore.



What are some of the initiatives that exist to reduce, recycle and even ban the amount of plastic manufactured and consumed in specific cities, states or countries (in the private, corporate, governmental spheres)?

Related: Microplastics Found In The Ocean And In Human Poop

Related: Worldwide Initiatives to Ban or Reduce Consumption of Single-Use Plastics

RelatedL’impact du plastique sur l’environnement expliqué en quelques chiffres

RelatedLe plastique : une histoire complexe, un avenir incertain

Related: Canada announces plan to ban single-use plastic by 2021

Related: Why can't all plastic waste be recycled?


The consequences of #MeTourism 

Is the selfie culture destroying the world's most precious tourist sites? 


Resource Depletion

Earth Overshoot Day 2019 was on July 29, the date when we have used more from nature than the planet can replenish this year. July 29 is the earliest day it's happened since the early 70s. What does that mean? Discuss, comment, find initiatives and possible solutions to our over consumption.


1. Net neutrality is the principle that everyone has equal access on the Internet. Last year, the United States repealed net neutrality. What has happened since and what are the potential dangers ?

2. How has technology redefined our lives? Analyse one specific aspect. E.g., The effect of the no cell phones allowed in France's Middle schools. Or our loss of privacy (check this Amazing Mind Reader).

3. Explore the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it's changing our lives. Take one small and specific example like facial recognition, machine learning, intelligent (smart) cities, deepfakes (and mass personalization), use in medicine, in business...

Journalism and the media
Discuss one of the following issues: Information and fake news, access to information, how people get their information/news, everyone is a reporter (live action), the
Number of journalists around the world who are victims of their jobs (attacked, injured, killed) for doing their jobs (e.g., in Mexico)...

Is Democracy in jeopardy?

1. Discuss one of following issues: Being informed citizens, identity, immigrants and refugees, populism, the role of social networks, intolerance and hatred, civil participation and disobedience, the electoral process, the rise of extremists...

2. September 15 is International Day of Democracy. Explore one of the various Democracy movements (not the Democratic Movement in the UK) around the world and explain its mission, roots, fights, progress, etc. 


Human rights

1. Human trafficking and modern slavery. Slavery is a global problem and takes many forms. No one country is safe from it. What are some of the issues and different forms of slavery today? Who are the victims and who benefits? What organisations and associations exist to help? How insidious is the problem and how does it affect all of us? 


2. September 21 is International Day of Peace. What does that mean? Explore.

3. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights turned 70 years old last year. Is it still relevant, is it put into practice? Explore.

4. The Grenelle des violences conjugales opened on Sept. 3, 2019, in Paris with the aim at finding political remedies to domestic violence. What were the conclusions? Explore one aspect of this issue in the lense of someone affected by it. Explore some of the steps France is taking such as creating more shelter places for victims, a toll-free telephone number, and tracking bracelets for aggressors.


Immigration - Nativism

1. Choose a country and analyse its immigration policies and reforms. For example, what's happened to the immigration reforms in France and the United States, for example, in the last few years. 

2. Look at the difference between climate refugees (or environmental migrants) and political refugees. Do we see a new trend happening? How and why? 



1. For the last few years, the number of people abusing, addicted to and dying from opioids has reached a record high. Explore the causes and health issues related to this crisis. Here's a summary of the crisis.

2. E-Cigarettes: The state of Massachusetts has temporarily banned vaping. A few countries have made it illegal. Several are thinking of doing the same. What do we know about the dangers of smoking e-cigarettes? What are the known health hazards? Does it cause cancer? Are there benefits to go from smoking regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes? What do recent studies show? 


3. Does social media impact teenagers' mental health?

Nutrition-Food Deserts in the West
Is eating well a privilege of the rich?

RelatedHealthy Food is a Right, Not a Privilege

RelatedHow one woman is solving the urban food desert problem with a grocery store on wheels

Related: This shipping-container farm could someday solve the food desert problem

RelatedPoor diet is the result of poverty not lack of education

RelatedAmerica’s growing food inequality problem

2. Explore the issue of pesticides in agriculture such as the Monsanto's glyphosate scandal (about its product, Round Up), which has been banned in several areas of the world.


1. The issue of safety in US schools - Security systems, protective gear and equipment, arming teachers, kevlar backpacks, private guards and policemen in schools... Is this the new reality of US public schools? Are there not other options? Explore.


2. Some public, school and academic libraries have taken the digital turn and either got rid of their book collections or have move them to remote locations to give more meeting space to students. A lot of issues are involved in those decisions. Take one example of an institution that is experimenting with e-libraries and explore the pros and the cons of such a move. Is the book dead? 

Protectionism: "The theory or practice of shielding a country's domestic industries from foreign competition by taxing imports." Like buying USA and imposing high tariffs on imported products from foreign countries... The trade war between the United States and China is a good example. Explore.