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Reserve the Study Room

The Sawiris Library Study Room is available for reservation for groups of 3 to 8 people. The room is available before, during and after school and is intended for collaborative, academic use only such as study sessions, meetings and practicing presentations.




Who Can Reserve the Room?

. Groups of 3-8 people who need to do academic work.

How long can I have the room for?

. 1 block

Booking procedures

. You must reserve in person.

. You can reserve up to 2 weeks in advance.



Who can reserve the room?

  • Groups of 3 to 8 people who are doing academic work.

  • Groups have priority over individual students.

  • If empty, the room can be reserved for immediate use by groups or by 1 or 2 students. As stated, walk-up groups will have priority. For usage statistics, you will still need to book online.

How long can I have the room for?

  • You can book the room for 1 block.

  • If no group needs the room during the next block, you can extend your reservation.

  • After school, you can reserve the room until closing time.

Booking procedures

  • Advance booking: You must reserve in person.

You can reserve up to 2 weeks in advance.

  • Walk-up booking: See “Who can reserve the room?” Above.

  • To be fair and to maximise efficiency, a reservation will be canceled if the group has not shown up in the first 15 minutes.

To cancel a reservation.

  • If you change your mind we ask that you contact us to cancel your reservation and free it for other students.

Furniture and equipment

  • For your meetings we provide 2 White boards, 1 write-on divider on wheels, 1 hdmi TV with remote, a set of markers-eraser, 2 tables and 8 chairs.

We are very excited to offer you the study room,

an amazing working space that we think is just right for your needs.


Please note

  • You are responsible for the room in your care.

  • Do not lock the doors. We must be able to enter and exit freely in case of an emergency.

  • Don’t leave your bags unattended and leave the room for an extended period of time.

  • Notify us when you are finished using the room and decide to leave.

  • No food nor colored drinks are allowed in the library, including the study room(s).

  • Leave the room tidy, clean and in good condition for the next users.

  • Be careful to not mark the walls with the back of your chairs.

  • Return all supplies to the circulation desk after use.

  • Abuse and misuse of the space will be met with the refusal to use it for an undetermined amount of time.