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For the first time this year, students ran a book club from the library. Here's is the reflection of Mia Kwon, one of the co-leaders.

BOOK CLUB   2017-2018

This year, the book club explored in total of 3 titles: Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, On the Road by Jack Kerouac, and The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. The meetings were held once in three weeks in the conference room of the library amongst the members of the book club. For each meeting, the group members of the club had read the assigned book and met for 45 minutes of discussion. During this time, different members shared their views on the book and discussed different literary elements of the plot. Each meeting, the books were chosen through a discussion between the group members who each suggested a title.


I feel that my participation in the book club provided me with an effective incentive to read. As full IB diploma candidates or students who are just struggling to get through the two years of high school, a lot of us feel as though we’re pressed for time and that we can’t allow ourselves the luxury to spend time reading for enjoyment. The fact that there are always so many distractions around us doesn’t help either. Fortunately, during my time as a book club member, I was able to read freely, without feeling pressed for time or out of duty for our grades. The book club simply has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that doesn’t put so much pressure on the members but still encourages them to read and explore. Moreover, I’ve enjoyed how the book club provides a way for us to appreciate the different perspectives.


For example, during our discussion on the novel On the Road, the club was split into two differing opinions. One side of us were able to associate with the general theme of the plot – the culture of the beat generation – while one side of us couldn’t. It was particularly to see how the discussion of the theme of the novel extended to an observation of our own school community.


Lastly, my favorite aspect of being in the book club was how it led me to read a variety of books. Each meeting we decided democratically which book we wanted to read, although there were very few disagreements. The system allowed me to read a diverse range of books that differed in genres, authors, time period, etc.