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Safari Montage - Videos

In Poodle, click on Safari Montage,
then enter your ASP username and password 

Google News

Search news from the time era.
Caution: Some articles are free, others are pay-per-view.


Headlines examples:

Ho Chi Minh Offers US Conditional Peace Talks

Toledo Blade - Dec 17, 1965

The Vietnam Conflict after Ho Chi Minh
St. Petersburg Times - Sep 4, 1969

Saigon Groupd Condemns Mylai Incident
Warsaw Times - Union - Dec 17, 1969



Museum of Broadcast Communications

The Museum of Broadcast Communications has two pages on Vietnam

Vietnam on Television 
Vietnam: A Television History

Life Magazine Photography Reporting

Larry Burrow's Classic Photo Essay: 'One Ride With Yankee Papa 13'


Access primary sources news clips.

Good overview of the conflict with text, videos, and images